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Here at Magic Point, we love bringing you all the amazing deals our developers manage to put together. 

We’re going to come right out and say it from the top: this deal will save you nearly $140! It’s a huge discount off some incredible resources and we’re really excited about it!

Let’s face it, most designers would happily pay $24.99 for some of these resources, so why not get them all for this price? That really is the mightiest deal of Magic Point. Head over to Magic Point Shop and grab this offer right now.



We offer a high quality modules collection that can be used in both personal and commercial web design projects. We have created dozens of modules that satisfy all the needs of a web desiger, simple to use and great additions to all website layouts.

This pack contains 48 amazing modules for only $24.99!



We understand that, without our loyal customers, there would be no Magic Point. As a "Thank You" to those customers who continually support our endeavors, we are introducing our Customer Loyalty Discount Program. Eligible customers are those who placed 3 orders on our shop. Starting with the next order, will receive a 15% discount for each new order!


Magic Point reserves the right to change or modify these offers, without any prior notice. These discounts will not be applied retroactively.




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