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 mMagic 3D Slideshow

Demo 1

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Demo 2

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Magic 3D Slideshow is a slideshow/banner rotator with amazing 3D effect, built with latest version of Away3D, real-time 3D engine which uses the hardware-accelerated Stage3D API's in Flash Player 11. Is easy to use, contain 7 fonts, 7 beautiful effects and is very customizable.
  • Supports images (JPG, PNG, GIF);
  • Section size and thickness;
  • Camera and light position;
  • 7 fonts & effects type;
  • Three rotation methods;
  • Three preloader types;
  • Two types of arrows; 
  • Transition duration and images delay;
  • Curved or flat text;
  • You can change the font size & color;
  • You can set the background color;
  • You can change button & arrows position, alignment, visibility (on, off or display on hover);
  • You can add a link for each image and choose the target;
  • Pause on mouse over (optional); 
  • Support special characters (âùæçéèêëîïôœûüÜÛÙŒÔÏÎËÊÈÉÇÆÄÂÀ - only for Arial font).


Default Content

This module contains 10 (ten) predefined images (5 left and 5 right), maximum 10.
This module supports multiple instances!

Back-End Images

m3d settings

Module Version

Current version of the module: 1.0.2
Last Update: 2014-07-09 (change the mode to add images)
2013-12-12 (back-end changes for Joomla 3.2)


Compatible with Joomla

module compatibility4


For any assistance, please do not hesitate to contact our support team.


GNU General Public License



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