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Amazing Offer


$8.99 - Magic Price Table

Magic Price Table is a complete solution for building awesome tables/grid chart. Even if the time to configure the module may be slightly longer, final product will be amazing and will delight your visitors.
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$10.99 - PRO Header with YOUTUBE

We have the honor to present this creation of our team, the best header ever and the most customizable Joomla module. The module is designed to do two major things like image slideshow and youtube player.


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$7.99 - Magic Video Player

This is an amazing video player that supports fullscreen and is resizable. You have all the features a general player needs with advanced programming, nice user interface and a great deal of options.


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$6.99 - Magic Feed Reader

This is a module RSS 2.0/Atom title feed reader. The great advantage of this product is that it can integrate seamlessly into your site design. It's super easy to use because you don't need to modify your feed!


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